How Vaping Influences the Media

vaping in pop cultureTraditionally, smoking has appeared in the movies as a sophisticated and mysterious habit, with heroes and heroines lighting up a casual cigarette with sexy appeal. However, after discovering the connection between smoking tobacco and health problems, smoking on-screen fell from favour. However in 2014, “vape” was chosen by Oxford Dictionaries as the International Word of the Year, and it was easy to see why. Vaping references were suddenly everywhere and celebrities were falling over themselves to proclaim their love for e-cigs. Suddenly, movies, TV shows and even video games were filled with images of vapers enjoying their favourite pastime. In this article, we look at some of the best known moments from both the big and small screen in which vapes have played a key role.

Vapers On The Television

2 Broke Girls

This comedy which was first seen on our screens in 2011 follows the story of two girls who own a cupcake store and are struggling to get by. In episode 11 of season 4 viewers were treated to the sight of a group of hipsters who brought vapes to the diner. In another episode, Sophie is also seen vaping in the diner.

House of Cards

The Hollywood version of the old BBC TV series, 2013’s House of Cards shows the lead character, played expertly by superstar Kevin Spacey, turning to vaping in his attempt to give up smoking.


This 2015 show from AMC sees AI humans known as Synths being servants to humans. Vaping appears regularly in the show, with Neil Maskell’s character, Detective Drummond, being a positive role model for others in the vaping community.

The Simpsons

America’s most famous cartoon family have mentioned vaping multiple times over recent years, with Bart being introduced by Milhouse’s cousin to vaping in the Let’s Go Fly A Coot episode of 2015. At it wasn’t only Bart who enjoyed his cloud chasing – Groundskeeper Willie vapes with his bagpipes, while even Maggie has her own vape pen.

Vaping In Movieland

vaping in tv

The Tourist

This 2010 movie which featured mega-stars Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie may not have been well received by the critics, but it was great for vapers. Depp’s character is a keen vaper and is shown holding one during his train ride to Venice.

Sex Tape

Jack Black is reported to be an avid vaper off-screen, so it’s hardly surprising that we see him in this 2014 movie puffing away on an e-cig in his role as YouPorn’s owner.

The Lazarus Effect

With its twist on the old-school Frankenstein’s monster plot, this movie features Evan Peters’ character, Clay, vaping in numerous scenes and is known for one of the best horror scenes featuring a vape that has ever been seen on screen. The vape in question, however, has been the subject of some debate, with some saying it’s a V2 while others thinking it’s actually a cig-a-like.

Drive Hard

The retired racer played by John Cusack in this 2014 movie is shown puffing regularly on his eGO C-Twist throughout this action movie. Cusack is another one of the Hollywood elite who is known to be a committed vaper in his private life.


Released under the name Anarchy in the United Kingdom, this modern reworking of the Shakespeare play features Milla Jovovich wielding a vape, showing that even the classics aren’t exempt from this contemporary trend.

As you can see, vaping is becoming more and more prevalent in mainstream culture, and in future, we’re highly likely to see e-cigs taking an even greater role on stage and screen. Hollywood had better be prepared!