Top 5 reasons why you should quit smoking today

Smoking has a lot of negative consequences in our lives. People around the world have started to quit smoking. Here are the reasons why you should think of getting rid of your smoking habit too.

Better health

Smoking causes lung cancer. They also damage your teeth. There are many health concerns. It affects many parts of your body. Nicotine is addictive, and it can change your brain. There is hearing loss and sight loss. Mouth sores and gum diseases are common in smokers. The face of a smoker loses elasticity, so people age faster. Smoking affects the heart and stomach as well.

Saves money

Smoking is expensive A pack a day of cigarette will cost you $500 a month. If you quit smoking, you will be able to save a lot of money. You can use that money for better things like taking a vacation.

Have more self-control

A smoker clearly shows a lack of self-control. The more you smoke, the more the things get out of hand. You become weak, and this will be obvious in the other works you do throughout the day.

Breathe better

When you quit smoke, you will breathe deeper. You will inhale pure air, and your lungs will be in better condition. When you smoke, the lung capillaries get constricted. After you quit smoking, it will grow back to full size. It will stay absorbing more oxygen.

Food will taste better

When you smoke, it leaves a strong flavor in your mouth throughout the day. So, the food you eat doesn’t taste that good. It makes sense of taste somewhat dull. You constantly have the smell of tobacco in your nose so you cannot smell the food properly as well.

All these are strong reasons to quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes not only help you but also lets your family members be healthy. You can promote a healthy living environment by quitting this bad habit.