Hi there!

My name is Joe Milton. I am an Engineer by profession. I was a chain smoker, but not anymore. My life is much better now. I am healthy, and I feel great emotionally as well. When I used to smoke, I used to feel guilty of my actions, but there was no way I could change my habit.

I have two children and my wife in the family. I used to smoke in front of them even after realizing that I am causing great harm to their health and well-being. My wife used to hide the packets of cigarettes, give me patches and chewing gums so that I don’t have the urge to have cigarettes.  Suddenly, one day I felt a chest pain. I was diagnosed with a heart problem. That’s when I realized that life was too precious to give up for a cigarette. From that moment, I quit smoking. I know many of my friends who still smoke. I always tell them to quit smoking.

I started this magazine in 2012 to encourage people to quit smoking. This blog is full of articles on the harmful effects of smoke, how you can start to get rid of this habit, and more. The blog also has expert’s advice, personal stories, etc. I hope you visit this site regularly and get inspired to quit smoking.